+ What kind of events do you host?

Business-related events—meetings, presentations, workshops, seminars, those sorts of things. Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

+ How many people does your space hold?

Reception style, 180; theater style, 120; classroom style, 38; boardroom style, 40; banquet style, 80.

+ What are your rates?

That depends. How long do you need the space? How would you like it to be set up? Contact us, and we’ll get back to you with a quote right away.

+ What about food and beverages?

You make your food and beverage arrangements.

We have a nice variety of preferred caterers who really know their way around our kitchen and will happily put together breakfast, lunch, munchies, beverage service or your cocktail thing. Check them out.

+ We’d like to use a different caterer—is that okay?

Totally okay.

+ Can we access Yahoo! Finance, Google News, Facebook?

Sure—we have Wi-Fi Internet access.

+ Can we hang stuff up?

Uh-huh, just remember: Painter’s tape, good; nail gun, bad.

+ So how do we book an event?

Just contact us, and we’ll get the appropriate balls rolling.

+ Will a nice, competent person be working with us to plan our event?

Yes, her name is Karen Kirk. She actually enjoys returning phone calls.

+ Can we check out the space?

Of course. Email Karen at events@leftfieldmeetings.com to set up an appointment. Or give her a call at 412.359.7222.

+ Uh, how do we get there?

Go to 116 Federal (right across the street from PNC Park) and check in with third floor reception.

+ Where can we park?

There are parking lots and garages close by. For locations and rates, go to alcoparking.com.